Springvale Range

A licensed club facility (bar, lounge, and restaurant) is available for members use. Telephone the State Executive Office ph 8892 2777 for bookings and further information.


Event Calendar for the Springvale Range

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Address: 710 Dandenong Road, Springvale
Melway 80 D7/D8
Phone: (03) 9547 0007 during operating hours.
Hours of Operation:

5pm - 9pm Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
10am - 6pm Saturday
12noon - 5pm Sunday



Facilities Available

  • .22 LR (No Magnums)
  • Moving target 50m (Running Boar)
  • Pistol
  • 10m Air Rifle
  • Moving target and static Practical Rifle Competition (Monday nights)

NOTE: Standard velocity ammunition only on Sundays and after 8pm weeknights

Springvale Range Entry Fee

Entry Type
Range Fee
SSAA Adult Member
Non Member Adult Day Member
SSAA Junior Member
Non Member Junior Day
SSAA Pensioner Member
Non Member Pensioner $15.00
SSAA Member Family Day Pass (2 Adults and children) $25.00
Non Member Family Day Pass (2 Adults and children) $50.00
SSAA Member Adult Yearly Range Pass (Springvale)
SSAA Pensioner Yearly Range Pass (Springvale)         $150.00
SSAA Member Junior Yearly Range Pass (Springvale) $100.00
SSAA Member Family Yearly Range Pass (Springvale) $400.00
SSAA Member Adult Yearly Combined Range Pass
Springvale & Little River
SSAA Member Family Yearly Combined Range Pass
Springvale & Little River

Note: For Eagle Park Range entry fees click here

Lessons available at Springvale Range

Interested in shooting lessons?
Lessons for .22LR can be arranged by contacting Allen Bingham on 9580 2166. A mutually acceptable appointment can be made during normal range hours. The lesson fee includes range admittance, ammunition, targets, use of rifle and takes about two hours.

Range Rules

  1. Recreational vehicles are permitted only for access to and from the range. The range may not be used for trailbikes etc at anytime, including outside of normal shooting hours. Trespassers WILL be prosecuted.
  2. No shooting is permitted outside the normal range hours. Trespassers WILL be prosecuted and may forfeit their membership to the SSAA.
  3. No alcohol is permitted on the range property while shooting is in progress.
  4. No fires or barbeques (other than gas) are permitted during the fire danger period (daylight saving time). Gas barbeques are not permitted on days of total fire ban.
  5. No incendiary, tracer or armour piercing ammunition is allowed on the range. Any ex-military ammunition that can not be positively identified as NOT being one of these types must not be used.
  6. No shooting is allowed without an authorised Range Officer in attendance.
  7. ALL shooters MUST be familiar with the range rules (hard copies available from the range office).
  8. All persons attending the range MUST follow the directions of the Range Officer at all times.