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The Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (Victoria) was incorporated as a public company on October 1, 1973. We exist to promote the shooting sports and protect firearm owners' interests.

With more than 40,000 members, SSAA Victoria is a leading body representing licensed firearm owners in Victoria. SSAA Victoria has more than a dozen branches and more than 30 sub-clubs and disciplines within the organisation.

SSAA Victoria News

FAQS - COVID - Training - Hunting

SSAA is taking a lot of calls at present about different issues, so we thought we'd put together a list of FAQs and answers,
. Are training courses running at the moment? When will they start again?
A: No. Training courses are not currently running. Training courses will not recommence until the easing of restrictions in metropolitan Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.
. Are online courses running?
A: No. There are no online courses running at present because we cannot open the Springvale range to deliver the practical component of the safety course, and trainers are currently not allowed to travel to Eagle Park.
. Can I leave my name or reserve a spot for when courses start again?
A: No. We are not taking names or reserving places.
. Can you call me to tell me when courses are starting?
A: When courses are planned to start, we will post the information to the SSAA Victoria main website, our Facebook pages and make announcements via our E-newsletter.
. Can I hunt in regional Victoria?
A: Yes you can if you live in regional Victoria.
. Can I hunt with mates?
A: Yes you can if you live in regional Victoria. You can hunt in small groups and travel with one other nominated person (outside of your family) in your car.
. Can I travel from Melbourne or a stage 4 suburb to go hunting?
A: No, you cannot. Hunting is not classed as an exercise activity in stage 4 areas and you cannot travel from a stage 4 area to a stage 3 area (regional Victoria) to go hunting.
. Can I camp when I hunt?
A: Yes you can go camping when you hunt if you live in a regional area. Only people living in regional and country Victoria can go camping and caravanning. You can book overnight accommodation with the people you live with, your intimate partner, or the household you have formed a bubble with. Some Parks Victoria sites are still closed or only open to day travel. You will need to check the Parks Victoria website for details. Some roads are still closed because of the impact of bush fires. Check the ‘More to Explore” app for details.
. I submitted a PTA or a firearms licence application and have not heard anything?
A: You nee to contact LRD. SSAA Victoria cannot advise about the status of any PTA or firearms license applications. LRD are processing all applications, but there may be a delay in processing times.
. Can I travel from Melbourne to shoot at Eagle Park?
A: No, you cannot travel from Melbourne or a stage 4 suburb to shoot at Eagle Park.

Eagle Park Reopening - Regional Clubs

SSAA Victoria has some good news regarding Eagle Park and regional ranges and clubs. Please read the following very carefully.   EAGLE PARK  
Eagle Park Range to Reopen 26th September.
The Victorian government has released the updated directions for regional Victoria. Unfortunately the news for our regional ranges was not as positive as hoped.
All regional ranges can open. However, the group size including RO’s or other support personnel is limited to a total of 10 per facility unless the groups can be separated by at least 100 metres.
The main range at Eagle Park will be open for members only and will operate under the following conditions:
· Range attendance must be booked prior to arriving at the range.
· A maximum of 18 shooters will be permitted on the main range and extended to 27 if MR2 is not being used by a sub-club.
· Shooting will be limited to 2 hours.
· Session time will commence at:
o 9:00am – arrival no earlier than 8:30am
o 12:00pm – arrival 11:30am
o 3:00pm – arrival 2:30pm
· All bookings will be via phone to the Eagle Park office T: (03) 5283 1575
· Bookings will only be taken on Friday and Monday starting from Friday 25 September.
· Bookings can only be made for a maximum of 2 consecutive weekends.
· Payment of range fees will be required over the phone by credit/debit card. No payment, no booking. The will be no refunds or transfer of booking dates allowed.
· Maximum of 1 bench per booking.
· No spectators allowed.
For sub-clubs at Eagle Park, the range will be reopening as of 26 September. With the current 100m restriction only a limited number of ranges will be available.
As such, the following ranges will be open for sub-club use:
· Ranges 1, 2 and 3 - with a maximum of 10 people in total across all 3 ranges.
· Range 8 – 10 people maximum.
· Range 11 and 12 - with a maximum of 10 people in total across the 2 ranges.
· Range 18 – 10 people maximum.
· BGRC – 10 people maximum.
· LRSC – 3 groups of 10 people in total across the grounds (only when BGRC is not being used).
· MR2 – 10 people maximum.
Alternative ranges may be used if the 100m rule can be adhered to. We ask that clubs contact Drew at Eagle Park if they are planning to attend the range on their normal allocated weekend.
If you live in Melbourne or a stage 4 area, you can not travel to Eagle Park to shoot.
Regional Ranges (Other Than Eagle Park)
All regional ranges can open, however the group size including RO’s or other support personnel is limited to a total of 10 per facility unless the groups can be separated by at least 100 metres. Please see the extract from the Victorian Government directions.
We are currently seeking further clarification for ranges that are physically separated by walls or berms to ascertain if the 100m ruling will still apply. We will advise further if this is the case.
Members attending all ranges must meet the following conditions:
• Must be from regional Victoria as per the Victorian Government boundaries.
• Must provide proof of residence when signing in.
• Must maintain social distancing at all times.
• Must wear a face mask at all times.
• Records of all members’ attendance must be recorded
• Cleaning protocols must be maintained.
Clubhouses may be used for catering and meetings with a maximum of 10 people maintaining a density ratio of 4 square metres per person in the space.
SSAA Victoria is endeavouring to make the best of the current situation. If there are any changes to the current directions, branches and sub-clubs will be notified.
It will be each branch’s decision as to whether the operation of their range can be managed to maintain these restrictions.

Springvale Range Redevelopment

Despite the restrictions to range activity in Melbourne, SSAA Victoria has used this time to begin the Springvale range redevelopment. Everything is going according to plan, so hopefully by the time restrictions ease and activity can begin again, SSAA Victoria members and guests will be able to use and enjoy the facilities of a redeveloped Springvale range.    

Update For Handgun Owners From LRD

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, the Victorian Government had issued Stage 3 restrictions for Regional Victoria and Stage 4 restrictions for metropolitan Melbourne, meaning travel and movement throughout the state has been restricted. Under these circumstances, the Licensing and Regulation Division (LRD) are aware that licence holders have not been permitted to attend and participate at shooting clubs during this time.   Due to these restrictions, Victoria Police have made the decision to waive all handgun participation requirements for the 2020 calendar year effective immediately. This means that all shoots or matches required to be completed per number of classes of handgun possessed, will be exempt for the 2020 calendar year.   Attached is a signed Notice of Variation of Licence Condition for your reference. The variation issued on 6 July 2020 will no longer apply.   Approved shooting clubs will still be required to submit an annual report for 2020 within 3 months after the end of the calendar year to the Chief Commissioner of Police in accordance with s.123C of the Firearms Act 1996.   Licence holders are not required to submit requests for exemption or modification, this variation applies to all affected licence holders.   If you have further questions, please email or if you need more information about the current restriction levels in Victoria, please refer to the Department of Health and Human Services website.   We would like to thank you for your continued cooperation during this time and hope you are staying safe and well.   Regards, Licensing and Regulation Division Regulatory Services Department Victoria Police   Notice of Variation 14 Sep
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