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The Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (Victoria) was incorporated as a public company on October 1, 1973. We exist to promote the shooting sports and protect firearm owners' interests.

With more than 36,000 members, SSAA Victoria is a leading body representing licensed firearm owners in Victoria. SSAA Victoria has more than a dozen branches and more than 30 sub-clubs and disciplines within the organisation.

SSAA Victoria News

SSAA Victoria Temporary Office Closure

As part of the stage four COVID-19 restrictions in place across Melbourne, SSAA Victoria state office will close temporarily. Office staff will be working remotely, taking calls, answering questions and facilitating member requests where possible. SSAA Victoria management and staff recognise that this is a very trying time for all Victorians. We appreciate your patience during this time as we do our best to help our members in any way possible. Regular news updates will be available from and from SSAA Victoria social media pages. The SSAA Victoria state office contact details remain unchanged. Stay safe during this time and we look forward to resuming business as usual once restrictions are lifted. SSAA Victoria

Hunting and Pest Control Update

Hunting and Pest Control Update
Hi everyone. This is the latest update regarding Hunting and Pest Control activities in Melbourne, Mitchell Shire and Regional Victoria.
Metropolitan Melbourne:
NO hunting or pest control activities allowed in metropolitan Melbourne. You cannot travel to regional Victoria to perform these activities.
Mitchell Shire:
Hunting and pest control activities are allowed in Mitchell Shire provided you live in Mitchell Shire. You can only travel in a vehicle with one other person. You must maintain social distancing practices. You cannot camp overnight. 
Regional Victoria:
You can hunt and perform pest control activities in regional Victoria. However, we recommend that you limit your travel time to one hour from your home.
If you are performing pest control activities, you need a letter from the landowner with their contact details. You cannot camp overnight on the property or nearby. You must practise social distancing.
Professional Shooters:
Please see the approved lists of essential and non-essential services.

2021 Blond Bay Hunt Ballot Now Open

You can now register for your chance to be a part of the Blond Bay Hunt. To be involved in this unique hunt, you need to follow the link below.
2020 Hunt Report
As you would all be aware, the 2020 ballot proved to be like no other! The COVID-19 pandemic struck suddenly and affected our opportunities to complete the hunt. As a result, the final three ballot periods on Snake Island had to be cancelled.
The Advisory Group (BBHDAG) has decided that the hunters originally drawn and confirmed in the cancelled periods will be offered the same positions in the 2021 ballot. A hunter from Tasmania, who could not attend Period 4 due to border closures has also been offered a like position this year.
Entries for the 2020 ballot opened on August 1st and a total of 1800 people entered. This was almost 200 entries less than the previous year but was to be expected due to the new strict online entry process.
The highest ballot take continues to come from Snake Island. Feedback from hunters at Blond Bay Reserve and Boole Poole suggests a higher number of animals present at those locations. This is supported by the significantly increased Hog Deer harvest at Blond Bay and Boole Poole.
This unique and in most cases “once in a lifetime opportunity” gives many hunters the only opportunity to hunt free ranging Hog Deer. Hunters meet people from across Australia and overseas and often their hunts create friendships and memories for life. This is the real success of a balloted hunt.
• The hunting at Blond Bay resulted in 1 hind and 3 stags harvested.
• The hunting on Boole Poole Peninsula resulted in 1 hind harvested.
Snake Island had three less hunting periods than was scheduled. The total take was 19 deer (1 hind and 18 stags). The longest antlers (average 40.5cm) were recorded on a 6.5year-old stag taken at Cow Swamp on Snake Island. Many of the stags were in the 3.5 - 4.5year age class and in the low 30 cm antler length range. Seven stags were over 5.5 years of age.
Overall, the hunt was again successful and feedback from hunters has been positive and supportive. We were able to work through the ever changing COVID-19 environment, and we made the best of things under very difficult conditions.
There have been amendments to the “Conditions of entry” for the 2021 ballot, so please read them carefully. The main changes are in relation to pandemics and bushfires regarding refunds and hunt transfers etc. The group have decided that should a hunt be cancelled due to reasons outside BBHDAG control, hunters affected will not be offered alternative arrangements.
The last ballot saw some hunters cancelling at very short notice. This has resulted in a few periods without the full complement of hunters. Late cancellations deny others the opportunity to participate in the hunt.
Penalties will apply for hunters that cancel less than 14 days before their hunting period. This may be exclusion from entry for several years. We do not want to see “vacant hunting positions” moving forward.
Entry into the 2021 is ONLINE ONLY and opens August 1st. No postal entries will be accepted.
Entry into the 2021 ballot is available via the following organisations websites:
Please ensure that all mandatory fields are completed in the online form, including a valid email address.

New SSAA Victoria Members Only Facebook Page

SSAA Victoria has launched a Members Only Facebook page.
The purpose of the member page is to create a better, more open forum for SSAA Victoria members to discuss issues, comment on news and trends, seek advice and post and share information.
The page will provide a more member-focused level of interaction between members and the Association, create a space to announce offers and specials, list gear for sale and keep each other informed about issues related to the shooting sports.
With excess of 40,000 members, SSAA Victoria is the leading body representing licensed firearm owners. SSAA Victoria has more than 15 branches and 35 sub-clubs and disciplines within the organisation.
To join the page, just have your current SSAA Victoria membership number at the ready.
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