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The Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (Victoria) was incorporated as a public company on October 1, 1973. We exist to promote the shooting sports and protect firearm owners' interests.

With more than 40,000 members, SSAA Victoria is a leading body representing licensed firearm owners in Victoria. SSAA Victoria has more than a dozen branches and more than 30 sub-clubs and disciplines within the organisation.

SSAA Victoria News


Victoria’s new online game licensing system, My Game Licence (MyGL), is now available to all new, existing and prospective game hunters in Victoria. MyGL is compatible with mobile devices, allowing people to easily apply for a Game Licence, update personal details, renew their Game Licence, book hound hunting and waterfowl identification tests, apply for Hog Deer tags, and transfer hound ownership. SSAA Victoria is glad to see the implementation of such a resource and recommends that all current and future game licence holders make use of the new platform. The new online game licensing system replaces the previous system, where hunters were required to mail in their licence application and renewal requests. For additional information on the MyGL system, visit the GMA website To sign up for the MyGL system, visit  

Clueless Activists Score Own Goal

In an article published by The Weekly Times today, activists who dobbed in duck hunters for shooting over the bag limit have ended up being fined themselves. As The Weekly Times reporter, Peter Hunt wrote “Two animal activists’ attempt to dob in duck hunters for shooting too many birds has gone belly up, after they failed to understand that not everything that looks like a duck quacks like one”. “The activists were patrolling the Yando Wildlife game reserve, near Boort, on the opening day of the duck season in May, when they spotted hunters dragging what looked like 50 ducks off the water to stow in a small punt”. “The activists contacted police and Victoria’s Game Management Authority demanding they take action, given hunters are restricted to taking five birds a day”. “But when the GMA officer arrived and checked the hunters’ take, they found 50-odd decoy ducks”. “The GMA Authorised Officers spoke with the two hunters at the site and confirmed that they had their lawful bag limit of game birds and a significant number of decoys,” a GMA spokesman said. “Upon further investigation, it was found that the report from the public related to duck decoys being used by hunters, not actual ducks. Hunters are permitted to use duck decoys when hunting under the Wildlife (Game) Regulations 2012.” According to The Weekly Times, a GMA inspector then discovered the activists were carrying real dead ducks and issued them with infringement notices for being in possession of birds without a licence. SSAA Victoria congratulates the GMA and its officers for intelligently analysing the situation and acting accordingly. The Association looks forward to more activists being held to account for their illegal actions. Perhaps hunters should consider using less life-like decoys in future – so that none-too-bright activists don’t get confused?  


Welcome to our second edition of the Firearms Bulletin for 2021! The Licensing and Regulation Division would like to take this opportunity to extend our thanks to the all stakeholders within the firearms industry for their continued understanding and cooperation as we continue to navigate a new COVID normal. We are constantly striving to improve our services. To ensure that we continue to achieve a high level of service delivery, this quarterly newsletter will be used to raise issues with you and assist you in resolution. To stay up-to-date with current information, please refer to the Victoria Police website.  

Current Status of Applications

Please be advised that the Licensing and Regulation Division (LRD) is currently experiencing a high volume of applications. As such, approval of your new firearm licence or renewal application may be delayed. Application processing times are as followed:
  • New firearm licence applications submitted 14 April 2021
  • Firearm licence renewals submitted 24 May 2021
The above processing times are indicative only and complex applications or those with suitability concerns may take longer to process. To stay up to date you can also access the status of processing times on the Victoria Police website for firearms, which is frequently updated and will provide you with the most current information about your application. Please also remember:
  • Applications can take up to 28 days to process therefore we may not respond to requests if your application was received by our office within this 28-day period. This time frame is not applicable to individual applications that are incomplete or require further information from the applicant.

National Firearms Amnesty

Australia governments have come together to hold an ongoing national amnesty to reduce the number of unregistered firearms and improve public safety. The amnesty will commence Thursday 1 July 2021. The amnesty allows people to surrender the following possessions without fear of prosecution:
  • Firearms (including homemade firearms)
  • Firearm related parts and accessories
  • Cartridge ammunition
Please note, commercial and military explosives and explosive ordinances are not covered in Victoria under the amnesty. In Victoria, the community will be able surrender the above possessions to Licensed Firearms Dealers (LFD’s) for destruction, register or sale to appropriately licenced individuals in accordance with the conditions of their licence. LFD’s will be granted a reasonable time frame to appropriately dispose of the items received during the amnesty and collection arrangements will be made between LFD and their local Divisional Firearms Officers (DFO). Who is managing the Amnesty? Whilst Victoria Police can accept surrendered items under the amnesty the public is encouraged to surrender possessions to LFD’s as directed by Crime Stoppers, here. Crime Stoppers Victoria are leading in managing the national coordination of the campaign through Crime Stoppers Australia. The Crime Stoppers Australia will be a central location for information on how and where to surrender, register or sell firearms, parts and ammunition.  

COVIDSafe Settings

From 11.59pm on Thursday 24 June 2021, Victoria has further relaxed its COVIDSafe settings. For more information, please refer to the Victorian Government website. As the health pandemic continues it is important to stay safe and implement safe practices including,
  • Washing your hands
  • Social distancing where you can, keeping at least 1.5 metres between yourself and others
  • Do not go out if you are feeling unwell, unless it is to get tested
  • Get vaccinated if you are eligible


We are always open to feedback and encourage you to contact if you have any suggestions.  

SSAA Victoria Provides Submission for the Independent Review of Victoria’s Wildlife Act 1975

SSAA Victoria has lodged a comprehensive submission to the Expert Panel reviewing Victoria’s Wildlife Act. The Wildlife Act, and associated Wildlife (Game) Regulations are the key pieces of legislation that regulate game hunting and the broader interaction with wildlife in Victoria. The review will make recommendations to government that will have a significant impact on how wildlife is utilised, categorised and protected. There is considerable emotion generated in any debate about the utilisation or control of wildlife. The Association considers that policy and decision-making on wildlife and hunting matters should be based on facts, not sentiment. The Association again encourages members to put in an individual submission before COB tomorrow, June 30. You can view the SSAA Victoria submission here. To make an online submission please, go to the Engage Victoria website
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