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The Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (Victoria) was incorporated as a public company on October 1, 1973. We exist to promote the shooting sports and protect firearm owners' interests.

With more than 40,000 members, SSAA Victoria is a leading body representing licensed firearm owners in Victoria. SSAA Victoria has more than a dozen branches and more than 30 sub-clubs and disciplines within the organisation.

SSAA Victoria News

New GMA videos aim to educate hunters

Victoria’s Game Management Authority has released the first of a series of new YouTube videos to help educate hunters as a part of the ‘Reduce Wounding’ campaign. SSAA Victoria’s Daryl Snowdon provided expert advice to the GMA and features in the new video. Wounding can be an unintended consequence of hunting. It is crucial to reduce wounding to improve animal welfare outcomes, reduce waste, and ensure duck hunting in Victoria remains sustainable and responsible. Factors that can contribute to wounding include poor shooting skills, shooting beyond your shooting skills distance and the capability of the technology, a lack of knowledge about correct equipment choices, animal anatomy and shot placement, and lack of a retrieval strategy. These apply to hunting all game species. One of the most important things duck hunters can do to reduce wounding is to not shoot beyond 30 metres. Research shows that wounding increases with shot distance, and for the vast majority of waterfowl hunters, 30 metres is their maximum shooting skills distance. Keeping your shots to under 30 metres will make you a more successful hunter and reduce the risk of wounding. You can view the new GMA Video HERE For more information about reducing wounding and to download the ‘Be a better game bird hunter’ handbook, visit the GMA Website

Firearms Storage Options Available at SSAA Victoria Springvale Range

SSAA Victoria is pleased to announce that firearms storage is now available at its Springvale range. The options provide a cost-effective solution for anyone who may need to store firearms for either short or long periods of time. This is a great option for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money purchasing a new safe or making other arrangements in order to comply with current legislation, but still want convenient, on-site access to their firearms. Anyone storing their firearms at the SSAA Victoria Springvale facility has the peace of mind of knowing there is full security including alarm systems and 24-hour CCTV.  Plus, they will be the only ones to have access to their safe. Both longarm and handgun safes are available for rent for one, three, six or 12-month periods. The dimensions of the longarm safes are 1500mm (H) x 300mm (W) x 300mm (D), the handgun safes being 300mm (H) x 300mm (W) x 200mm (D). Safe storage will be available from Monday 15 June. Applications to rent a safe will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis as there is a limited number available at this stage. As demand requires, the number of safes will be increased. Application forms can be downloaded from the attached PDF below or can be filled in at the Springvale range.   Firearm Storage Service Agreement

SSAA Victoria challenges vulnerable species listing

SSAA Victoria is challenging the listing of the Hardhead Duck (Aythya australis) as “Vulnerable” on Victoria’s threatened species list. The Association has taken this action because the evidence does not support these valued game birds being on that list. The threatened species list is designed to aid the protection and, ideally, the recovery of wildlife species on the path toward extinction. Whilst a threatened species listing in and of itself does not restrict hunting, SSAA Victoria has seen an increasing trend in recent years of threatened species listings being arbitrarily used to do just that. This is most certainly the case with game waterfowl such as Hardhead and Blue Winged Shoveler. In February this year, SSAA Victoria completed an assessment of the evidence for Hardhead to be listed as a vulnerable species in Victoria and found that it does not stand up to scrutiny. The Association made a nomination to the Victorian Government’s Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) to remove Hardhead from the threatened species list. The SAC has accepted the nomination. It will now proceed to a preliminary recommendation stage. Field & Game Australia worked with SSAA Victoria framing up the nomination. Hardhead were listed as vulnerable in 2013 on the basis that there were fewer than 10,000 mature individuals and that there was purported evidence of a continuing population decline. In a detailed submission to the SAC, SSAA Victoria demonstrated that the population of Hardhead is considerably greater than 10,000 individuals and that there is no evidence of a continuing population decline. Hardhead are widely distributed across Australia. Count data from Melbourne’s Western Treatment Plant regularly shows a population greater than 10,000 in that wetland complex alone. Challenges such as this are important for several reasons. The impact that these listings can have on hunting is one of them. At least as important is the principle that settings that affect the conservation and management of game wildlife species should be evidence-based and focused on achieving better management outcomes in the real world.

Long term members the backbone of a strong Association

SSAA Victoria has recently acknowledged one hundred and sixty-three members for 25 years of continuous membership of the Association. These long term members joined SSAA Victoria in the early months of 1997, a time of great upheaval for firearm owners. SSAA Victoria President Dave Schereck thanked the long term members. “Members are the lifeblood of our Association. Twenty-five years of continuous membership is a big show of loyalty and dedication, and the Association thanks and congratulates all of our long-term members.” The National Office automatically sends 25-year members a badge and a card to recognise their contribution. The latest 25-year members of SSAA Victoria are Ken Aitken James Alward Andrew Amiet Donald Armstrong Darren Ashton Frank Balasso Ross Barber Josef Barnik Phillip Barrow Matthew Beale Ivan Benic Andrew Bertocchi Robert  Beveridge Mary Bingham Mark Blair Ludwig Bocskor Robert  Boletti Gary Bolton Steven  Bond Dwayne Brambley Francis Brien Anthony Brown Johann Buettner Modesto Calandrello Elius Chalhoub John Challis James Cobain Ken Courtis Leigh Cross William Curtis David Dalgliesh Kevin Dark Barry Davidson Evan Davis Eric Day Dimitri   De Brincat Shaun   Dempsey Anthony Demuri Robin Denbigh George Dimopoulos Harold Downes Robert  Edgelow Ian Edkins Kenneth Egan Ken Ellery Allan Ellingham Glenn Ennis Robert Evans Wassim Fahmy Dominic Failla Mike Farrow John Farrugia Robert Felice Hugo Ferlan Bryce Findlay Ken Flint Eric Floberg Maria Floberg Robert Fraser Raymond Fraser Robert  Freer Ian Furmston Aldo Gianchino Matthew Golding Gordon Graham Kenneth Green John Green Michael Groves-Taylor Ronald Guttormsen Kevin Harker Roger Hendy John Hibbert Christina Hicks Franciscus Hillege Daniel   Hinrichsen Joe Ho Stuart Holman John Holmes William Hooper Peter Hopper Clint Hore Colin Hunter Laure Hunter Maxwell Illig Kevin James David Jenkins John Jennings Phillip Johnson Stephen Johnson Rodney Joyce Russell Keil Dennis Keith Reinhard Klavers Russell Krause Richard Kruger Kevin Lowry David Major Robert Marks Graeme Martin Irene Martin Ronald McLean Terry McIntosh Alan McKinnon Michael Mestrovic Graeme Miller Robert  Miravet John Missakian Anthony Morris Ian Morris Lou Nanfra Frank Nemet Glen Nesci James North Brett Organ Grahame Osborne Lynette Oshea Peter Papoulis Simon Parsons Michael Paulusz Roland Pell Christian Petersen Donald Petterson Warren Plumridge Murray Potbury Lee Pratten Thomas Prentice Terrence Purcell Margaret Rhodes Sergio   Ridolfi Andrew Robertson Brian Rodwell Neville Romari Francis Saliba James Saunders Richard Saunders John Saunders David Schuller Barry Schulze Vincenzo Scollo Michael Sellner George Simmans Ian Smith Manfred Steidle Sharron Stevenson Rodney Stin William Suardi Ian Sutherland Syd Tancredi Paul Tarquinio Jamie Tennant Jim Toner Milton Tonkin Andrew Topp Con Tsaousis Eric Unterwurzacher Raymond Veenstra Peter Vlasveld Wayne  White Ian Wilde Paul Willis Peter Wright Julian Yaxley Tek Yee
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