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50-cal day a game changer

50-cal day a game changer

A recent event at SSAA’s Mildura Branch has attracted world-wide attention.

The Inaugural 600-yard FCSA- (Fifty Calibre Shooters Association) sanctioned shoot places 50BMG competition as a genuine world-wide competition.

The event, on Saturday, May 14, was the first FCSA-sanctioned event outside of the USA and it solidified the ‘genuine reason’ for ownership of the 50 BMGs in Victoria.


The President of Mildura’s Long Range Shooting Club, Peter Cohrs, said more than 40 competitors and spectators took part in the day’s competition from three states.

The day’s major competition, the 600-yard factory rifle event, could only be entered by people with active memberships of the US’ FCSA, of which there were 10.

Husband and wife team, John and Michelle Harbor took out the major event. Michelle recorded the highest score and John won the best group. The pair will now head over to the US for the World Titles next month.

Following the inaugural event’s success, the Long Range Shooting Club plans to host FCSA-sanctioned shoots quarterly.

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