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90,000ha of Alpine National Park opened to deer hunting

SSAA Victoria is happy to announce that Parks Victoria has given hunters access to 90,000 hectares of Alpine National Park for deer hunting.

According to Parks Victoria, this addition will see one of the biggest access improvements for deer hunters in over 30 years.

Access to suitable hunting land has been one of the key issues raised by SSAA Victoria during consultation with Parks Victoria as part of the Sustainable Hunting Action Plan.

“SSAA Victoria has been advocating strongly to government to have additional areas made available for hunting,” said SSAA Victoria’s Hunting Development Manager, David Laird.

“The Association applauds the decision and congratulates Parks Victoria on making this happen.

“This is a sensible decision and the Association is pleased to see the Government delivering on its commitments under the Sustainable Hunting Action Plan.

“With high deer numbers throughout most of their range, the Association encourages members to make the most of this opportunity and explore the new area. If the opportunity arises, take a hind for meat to fill the freezer.”

Parks Victoria said the expansion of the deer hunting area now includes areas surrounding Suggan Buggan, Limestone Creek, Native Dog Flat, Charlie Creek, Buckwong Creek, Willis and to the east of Tubbut.

Improvements in recreational deer hunting stem from Parks Victoria’s Greater Alpine National Parks Management Plan (2016) and include:

  • Expanding the hunting area
  • Aligning the hunting season for Baw Baw National Park with the timeframe that applies to the Alpine National Park, Tara Range Park and Avon Wilderness Park.
  • Allowing all species of deer to be hunted, including Sambar, Red, Chital, Fallow, Rusa and Hog deer

Mr Laird said the announcement that other deer species can also be hunted in these new areas of the Alpine National Park open to recreational deer hunting is even better news.

“Previous legislation was specific in only allowing the hunting of Sambar deer,” he said.

“Hunters will now be allowed to hunt Red deer, Fallow deer, Chital deer, Hog deer and Rusa deer in addition to Sambar. Seasonal restrictions and a tag system continue to be in place for the hunting of Hog deer.”

Parks Victoria said these changes to the conditions for deer hunting have been gazetted and are now in effect.

“The historical and cultural significance of Eastern Alps symbolises Victoria’s rich history, it’s popularity among generations of recreational deer hunters demonstrates the importance of preserving this unique landscape,” said Parks Victoria’s Regional Director Eastern Victoria, Graeme Baxter.

“It is important that hunters familiarise themselves with these changes to deer hunting conditions and continue to hunt responsibly.”

Hunters should take the time to familiarise themselves with the scheduled hunting plan. More information can be found at