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The Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (Victoria) was incorporated as a public company on October 1, 1973. We exist to promote the shooting sports and protect firearm owners' interests.

With more than 36,000 members, SSAA Victoria is a leading body representing licensed firearm owners in Victoria. SSAA Victoria has more than a dozen branches and more than 30 sub-clubs and disciplines within the organisation.

SSAA Victoria News

SSAA Victoria's Lachie Adolph new world champion

SSAA Mildura's Lachie Adolph won the Fifty Calibre Shooters Association's Junior world title at the NRA Whittington Centre in New Mexico, USA. The 13-year-old Long Range Shooting Club Mildura member said he was at the event earlier this month for the experience, but ended up bringing home some nice prizes along with his world title. “It feels great, being able to achieve that,” Lachie said. “I’m pretty speechless, that’s for sure. “I had high expectations of myself but I thought I was going over there for the experience – I didn’t expect to win I just expected to learn from it.” After shooting his first three groups of five shots over 1000 yards on day one, Lachie was just a point off the lead. But he did better the following day, dropping just four points for a total of 13 to take the lead in the Junior competition with an average group size of 10.75 inches which helped him to achieve 287/300 points. “I kept my composure really well on the second day, dealt with being a bit nervous, and came out good,” he said. “I knew I’d be around the top two or three, I thought maybe I’d be coming first but you don’t know, it was that close ... I knew I’d shot really good on the second day and was only one point behind after day one.” He also gave the seniors a shake to finish eighth overall, and his score included one grouping that was fourth best of all shooters at the titles. Among his prizes was a McMillan .50 cal target rifle, but Lachie said meeting the leaders in the sport was the best reward. “There was a lot of people there who have won top events and done many things. Just being around those people and learning from them was great,” he said.

Samantha Lee capitalising on tragedy again

Gun Control Australia’s Samantha Lee stooped to new lows this week by using the tragic deaths of two teenagers in Sydney to push her meaningless anti-shooter agenda. In a grasping attempt at making her donation-funded organisation somehow relevant, she blurted anti-gun rhetoric to bring the focus onto her. Before the truth behind the tragedy had been revealed, she tried to hijack the story by immediately issuing statements in a blanket media campaign calling for even more bans and restrictive legislation. “GCA must be really struggling financially if they have to continue to exploit these tragedies to get donation money,” SSAA Victoria CEO Jack Wegman said today. “Again it’s the same old calls to impose even more restrictions on those who obey the already oppressive gun laws in Australia. “It’s sickening that she uses these tragedies to further her own cause and it’s disappointing that the media continues to air her extremist views.” The latest in her ongoing campaign to squeeze every last cent of donation money from the domestic violence tragedy was to mobilise corporate protest organisation GetUp! Together they created a petition calling for estranged spouses of firearm permit applicants to be used as referees. “This is a ridiculous thought bubble and a clear attempt by Lee to somehow make herself relevant in shaping firearms legislation. She’s a menace,” Mr Wegman said. “This tactic was tried in the 90s and was abandoned as unworkable back then. “As we saw in the Adler lever action shotgun debacle, she has dangerously limited knowledge of firearms and continues to ignore the extremely onerous gun ownership processes already in place. “The sad thing is that otherwise intelligent but misguided people are buying into her twisted exaggerations to help fund her morally reprehensible campaigns.”

Members encouraged to support firearm suppressor petition

SSAA Victoria members are encouraged to support a petition to allow recreational shooters to protect their hearing with sound suppressors on their firearms. The petition was created by concerned Victorian citizens who wanted to draw attention to the fact that while sound suppressors are not prohibited, Victoria Police is blocking recreational users from using them. “The Chief Commissioner of Police refuses to grant permits to acquire or use suppressors to any shooters other than professional shooters,” the petition reads. “Competition, sports, and recreational shooters should be entitled to access the same ‘best practice' hearing protection options as all other Australians, which is required by Occupational Health and Safety legislation in work environments. “This petition will show the Government that shooters want the same protection for their hearing as ordinary citizens undertaking recreational pursuits and that they want permits issued so that licensed shooters can own and use suppressors.” SSAA Victoria CEO Jack Wegman said the petition was important for drawing attention to the welfare of sporting shooters. “It’s about time the Government saw sense on the issue of sound suppressors and allowed their use by recreational shooters,” he said. “This isn’t Hollywood, which has created a myth that sound suppressors are some kind of assassin’s tool. They do exactly the same job as mufflers on cars and are important for the health of all shooters as well as animals such as working dogs. “Sound suppressors on firearms are widely recognised as an essential protective device in the UK and other advanced countries and we will support this push with our own research which we believe proves their efficacy. “We encourage people to support this petition to show we want a common-sense approach to the current legislation.” The petition calls on the Victorian Upper House to support licensed recreational shooters who want to protect their hearing by making them eligible to own firearms sound suppressors. It is in line with a submission being prepared by Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party MP Jeff Bourman pushing for the inclusion of suppressor ownership into the Firearms Act. He is also putting pressure on the Chief Commissioner of Police to grant permits to acquire for responsible law-abiding recreational firearms owners. “Our hearing is as precious as that of a professional shooter, veterinarian or anyone else within the limited group permitted suppressors. In fact, for nearly all the reasons suppressors can be obtained by professional shooters, the same applies to licensed recreational shooters. But regular shooters are being denied,” Mr Bourman said. “Hollywood and those with philosophical objections to anything firearm related are the ones peddling the mistruths which are stopping us from protecting our hearing,” Mr Bourman said. The petition can be found here:

SSAA Victoria wins fight against lazy, biased Herald Sun

Australia’s highest-circulating daily paper, the Herald Sun, has been brought to heel for lazy and biased journalism after SSAA Victoria took a stand against the paper’s attack on reputable firearms organisations in a story last year. The Australian Press Council found the Herald Sun had published misleading material without reasonable fairness or balance and had not taken steps to provide adequate remedial action, contravening three of the General Principles in its Standards of Practice. The action relates to a story published by the Herald Sun in June last year, which painted the firearms organisations and the firearms industry as social media “trolls” and sinister recruiters of “disaffected young men” in print and online. “The story was an outright attack on all firearms users and the organisations and industry that support them,” said SSAA Victoria CEO Jack Wegman. “Sadly, this level of bias against gun owners is all too regular, but we have now shown that we don’t have to stand for it and that the Australian Press Council and other media regulators are there to protect us from this level of bias.” In what was a prime example of lazy and biased journalism, the story was built on parts of a broader interview for a profile piece on Alannah and Madeline Foundation CEO and anti-gun advocate Lesley Podesta. In that interview Podesta complained that the AMF had been targeted by “gun-lobby bullies” and that her staff had to receive counselling after “aggressive trolling from the firearms lobby” resulting from its opposition to the importation of the Adler 110 shotgun. This was turned into a news story written by experienced writer Wendy Touhy who on several occasions used the phrase “the gun lobby” to describe people who had abused AMF staff. This phrase clearly implied any organisation which advocates on firearms issues. SSAA Victoria, as the State’s biggest firearm-owner organisation which advocates on firearms issues, took exception to the fact that it had been implicated in this story, that no balancing comments were sought nor was there any attempt to investigate the veracity of Podesta’s statements. Instead the Herald Sun took Podesta’s word for it and gave her a platform to malign our organisation and other reputable shooting bodies, as well as the industry. SSAA Victoria immediately filed an official complaint with the Australian Press Council, which held an Adjudication Panel hearing in February this year. It was chaired by the Council’s Vice-Chair the Hon John Doyle AC and was attended by other members of the council and APC executive. News Corp Australia business manager Tom Salom represented the Herald Sun. We argued in the hearing that the sweeping statements about “the gun lobby” in the article could easily be construed as SSAA Victoria or any other reputable organisation representing the interests of firearms users. We said that the comments of a few individuals should not be presented as the views of the broader firearms community nor the reputable organisations which represent them. The APC Adjudication Panel agreed and after some weeks of deliberation, handed down its final ruling that the Herald Sun had breached General Principle 1. "As the misleading aspects of the article were not addressed by a correction or other adequate remedial action, the publication breached General Principle 2. "The council also considered that the failure to seek a response or comment from any organisation or body in the gun lobby, firearms lobby or the gun industry amounted to a failure to take reasonable steps to ensure the article was presented with reasonable fairness and balance. Accordingly, the publication breached General Principle 3." “This is a great result,” Mr Wegman said. “Nearly every week we see in the media biased, hysterical and irrational attacks on firearms, firearms users and the industry that supports them. “It has gotten to the point where common sense no longer informs conversation around firearms, as demonstrated by the situation in Tasmania where very reasonable and sensible adjustments to firearms regulations have been attacked by hysterical and irrational anti-gun groups. “What’s more, these people rely on media bias such as that displayed by the Herald Sun to scare people into donating money to them. “Hopefully this ruling will send a clear message that we are watching and will continue to jump on these types of attacks on the shooting sports.”
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