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Aagren picks up gold in WA

Aagren picks up gold in WA

SSAA Victoria’s Nick Aagren (pictured) brought some glory back across the Nullarbor after winning the three-gun aggregate at the National Fly Shoot held at Wanneroo Shooting Complex, Perth, WA on June 2-4.

Three categories were shot, one on each day, including Light Gun Centrefire (7.71kg or less) at 500m, Heavy Gun Centrefire (greater than 7.71kg) at 500m and Rimfire at 200yd.

The Melbourne Benchrest Club shooter Nick finished 2nd in Light Gun, 4th in Heavy Gun and 2nd in Rimfire to make him the most consistent shooter at the event.

He also won the gold medal for the Highest Score Target for the Light Gun match, which was a personal best and a new WA state record.

Nick, who was the only Victorian to go up against 25 WA shooters and eight others from the eastern states, has been shooting Fly since 2012.

Fly Shoot is a shooting discipline that caters exclusively to rifles. The discipline includes Rimfire and Centrefire matches shot at 200 yards and 500m respectively.

Each match comprises five targets, with the target having a ‘fly’ 30mm in size as the X-ring and scoring rings around it.

Fly Shoot is a unique discipline as both the size of the groups and scores count towards a shooter’s final result. It is best to try to keep the five-shot group as close to the fly as possible for a maximum score.

Find more details about Fly Shoot and benchrest shooting here and the Melbourne Benchrest Club here.

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