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Animal Welfare Legislation

Animal Welfare Legislation

Animal welfare is a major focus for all ethical hunters. Hunters have a genuine appreciation for animals and recognise the importance of animal welfare considerations when hunting. Every ethical hunter strives for a quick, clean kill that ensures minimal suffering for the target species.
The Association supports appropriate mechanisms to prevent animal cruelty. However, a new directions paper on Animal Welfare Legislation has been released and is causing some concern. Significant changes to the current animal welfare arrangements are mooted and there is a strong push towards recognising the sentience of animals.
The potential effects from such a change could impact hunting, along with all interactions with animals in Victoria.
SSAA Victoria has already met with government on this matter and will respond formally to the paper by making a written submission on behalf of members.
The Association would welcome constructive input from members on the matter. Any comments or suggestions regarding the directions paper can be sent to the Hunting Development Manager via email to
It is expected that animal rights groups will engage heavily on the proposals to push their agenda. SSAA Victoria members are also encouraged to make individual submissions to provide a counterview. You can upload a submission or complete the survey on the Engage Victoria website at
Submissions and the survey are open until 11.59 pm Monday 14 December 2020.
The Directions Paper and the Summary of Proposals can be found via the links below.