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Board election results announced

Board election results announced

SSAA Victoria hosted its 2017 Annual General Meeting at the Hotel Bruce County on Sunday, September 17. Forty-five members attended the meeting, where the 2016/17 financials were adopted and the results of the Board elections were announced.

President Denis Moroney was re-elected to the Board, along with Secretary Ross Farmer. Former Board member Henry Rogers was also elected, along with Shepparton committee member Marion Barnes. Junior Vice President Luke Silverback was unsuccessful in his re-election attempt and Phil Brown chose not to nominate at the end of his term.

The results of the postal ballot were: Denis Moroney 2030; Henry Rogers 1782; Mel Warner 1620; Ross Farmer 1644; Marion Barnes 1847; Luke Silverback 1582; Tim Brooking 1515; Trevor Dennis 1454.

The new Board members will be officially inducted tomorrow.