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Brunswick locals centre of anti-gun letterbox drop

Brunswick locals centre of anti-gun letterbox drop

People living in the Brunswick area have found disturbing letters in their mailboxes claiming the State Government is encouraging children into “a love of guns”.

The aesthetically bland flyer attempts to connect the State Government’s Shooting Sports Facilities Program to the culture of “gun violence” in the city.

While the flyer makes several inflammatory claims, below are just a few:

  • Melbourne already is struggling under a sharp increase in gang brawls in public places, with police confiscating weapons from these youths. The Victorian Labor Government is actively funding young people to take up gun sports. How long can it be before they bring their gun to the next brawl?
  • There is a relationship between teaching people to enjoy killing animals and violence against humans. We’re safer if we just don’t encourage people to take up guns in the first place. There are plenty of real sports for our children to participate in that do not involve killing.
  • Young people encouraged to normalise violent acts can become desensitized to the distress and consequences of violence. If you’re worried about violent video games being a negative influence on children, how does a sport that is all about spilling real blood make us safer? It is more likely to take us down the path of a USA-style gun culture.

The flyer encourages people to call Melbourne radio stations and “voice their opinions” about children using firearms.

The source of the flyer is not revealed.