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Call for hunters to assist with Stubble Quail research

Call for hunters to assist with Stubble Quail research

Victoria’s game quail hunting season opens this Saturday, 6 April 2024.

The Game Management Authority (GMA) is appealing to quail hunters to assist with a research project identifying the age and sex of hunter-harvested Stubble Quail.

As part of the program, licensed quail hunters mail harvested quail wings to the GMA so they can be aged. This data contributes to a better understanding of harvested Stubble Quail demographics and reproductive rates in Victoria.

Together with the data gathered from the Stubble Quail monitoring program, this information allows GMA to model the Stubble Quail population to predict trends and assist in developing sustainable management practices.

We don’t have to look back too far to see what happens with our quail seasons when decisions are made by the wrong people, using the wrong information for the wrong reasons. Anti-hunting activists are using cherry-picked and misrepresented data to attempt to further their campaign to ban what we do. Researchers must have the best available information to ensure that the Government can meet its commitment to basing game hunting seasons on the best available science.

For more information and to become involved CLICK HERE.