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Calling conservation deer hunters

Calling conservation deer hunters

SSAA Victoria’s Conservation and Pest Management program has again been recognised as effective tool for helping to manage deer numbers in the Alpine National Park.

Parks Victoria has invited more volunteers accredited under the CPM program to participate in the ongoing Alpine National Park Deer Control Trial.

During the next eight weeks there will be two more scheduled operations involving Parks Victoria, the SSAA Victoria and Australian Deer Association.

SSAA Victoria’s CPM manager Rhys Coote said it was an opportunity for the Association’s skilled hunters to get involved in a worthwhile conservation program.

“Our accredited hunters are ethical, act professionally and are skilled,” he said.

“This program gives these members the opportunity to hunt and to contribute to the preservation of sensitive conservation areas at the same time.”

Those accredited hunters wanting to participate are invited to contact the SSAA Victoria office (03 8892 2777) for details and an application form.

By nominating, it is assumed that you:

  • are a current member of the SSAA;
  • have a current Victorian firearms licence;
  • are accredited under either the SSAA’s Conservation and Pest Management Program;
  • are authorised under Section 37(1) of the National Parks Act 1975 to use, carry or possess a firearm in a Park; and
  • in legal possession of a minimum .270 calibre firearm required for Sambar Deer and have appropriate firearm storage for field work.

For those wanted to become an accredited CPM hunter, there are details on the website under Hunting & Pest Control.

“We are always on the lookout for good, skilled hunters who follow our code of ethics to register for the CPM program,” Mr Coote said.

“It can be a great chance to get out into some areas not usually open to recreational hunting and do something for the betterment of our sport.”