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Contact Details

Eagle Park
Muzzle loading longarms, handguns and cannon, blackpower longarms and handguns.

Club Event

Shoot days

Third Saturday of each month

State Championships

Weekend of the third Saturday in November

The Victorian Muzzle Loading Club was formed in 1970, making it one of the first muzzleloading/black powder clubs in Australia. The VMLC conducts organised competitions on the third Saturday of every month at Eagle Park Range. Competitions are organised for all black powder original and reproduction firearms, including cap and ball, cartridge and single-shot handguns, muzzle-loading longarms – including flint, percussion, patched ball, Minieball, slug-projectile, and smooth-bore – cartridge rifle, and muzzle loading and cartridge shotgun. Membership includes a monthly newsletter, The Ramrod, which includes competition results, record scores, upcoming events and articles of interest.

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