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ISSF, single action cowboy, air pistol, 3-gun, IPSC, metallic silhouette, APSM

Club Events


Monday 5pm - 8pm

25m ISSF competition & IPSC competition

Tuesday & Wednesday 5pm - 8pm
Thursday & Friday
4pm - 8pm

Range one 25m ISSF competition

Saturday & Sunday 10am - 2pm

SSPC was started in 1972 before the SSAA was formed. We are the largest pistol club in Victoria, with the largest variety of competition types. We have primarily run ISSF competitions, but we have been involved in IPSC for the past 6 years or so. We run regular IPSC club competitions both during the week and on the fourth Sunday of each month. We regularly run a Combined Services Match, 3-Gun IPSC match and now a Single Action Cowboy shoot. Club guns are available to club members for all disciplines and ammo can be bought from the front office.

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