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Clueless Activists Score Own Goal

Clueless Activists Score Own Goal

In an article published by The Weekly Times today, activists who dobbed in duck hunters for shooting over the bag limit have ended up being fined themselves.

As The Weekly Times reporter, Peter Hunt wrote “Two animal activists’ attempt to dob in duck hunters for shooting too many birds has gone belly up, after they failed to understand that not everything that looks like a duck quacks like one”.

“The activists were patrolling the Yando Wildlife game reserve, near Boort, on the opening day of the duck season in May, when they spotted hunters dragging what looked like 50 ducks off the water to stow in a small punt”.

“The activists contacted police and Victoria’s Game Management Authority demanding they take action, given hunters are restricted to taking five birds a day”.

“But when the GMA officer arrived and checked the hunters’ take, they found 50-odd decoy ducks”.

“The GMA Authorised Officers spoke with the two hunters at the site and confirmed that they had their lawful bag limit of game birds and a significant number of decoys,” a GMA spokesman said.

“Upon further investigation, it was found that the report from the public related to duck decoys being used by hunters, not actual ducks. Hunters are permitted to use duck decoys when hunting under the Wildlife (Game) Regulations 2012.”

According to The Weekly Times, a GMA inspector then discovered the activists were carrying real dead ducks and issued them with infringement notices for being in possession of birds without a licence.

SSAA Victoria congratulates the GMA and its officers for intelligently analysing the situation and acting accordingly. The Association looks forward to more activists being held to account for their illegal actions.

Perhaps hunters should consider using less life-like decoys in future – so that none-too-bright activists don’t get confused?