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Course for Airport Officers


This course is highly recommended as it is designed to give participants a working knowledge of handling firearms safely, familiarity with best practices and the humane dispatch of animals during the course of work.

This is a full day course that covers both in class theory and range practice under the supervision of experienced trainers and Range Officers.

Topics covered include:

  • Risk control and basic firearms safety practices.
  • Safe storage, transportation and handling.
  • Types of firearms, major parts and actions.
  • Ammunition anatomy/ Cartridges construction.
  • Firing techniques and procedures.
  • Firearm maintenance.
  • Sighting-in procedures.
  • Humane dispatch of animals following relevant legislations.
  • Marksmanship.
  • Range shot practice.

Marksmanship in this course can be tailored to specific needs based on the firearms used and common animals dealt with.

Please contact SSAA Victoria for additional information.