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Course for Council Officers

Practical Firearm Training Course for Council Officers (PFTCCO)

The course offers council officers a working knowledge of firearms safety, imparts best practice firearm handling and teaches participants how to humanely dispatch animals in populous places (under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986).

This is a full day course run from 9am to around 5pm and includes both theory and live firing under the supervision of two experienced trainers and a range officer. All courses are conducted at a Victoria Police approved SSAA Victoria shooting range.

More specifically, topics covered in the course include:

• Firearm types, major parts and actions
• Basic firearms safety and risk management
• Safe storage, transportation and handling
• Ammunition anatomy and cartridge construction
• Shooting procedures and techniques
• Firearm maintenance
• Bore-sighting
• Sighting-in
• Point Blank Range
• Humane dispatch of animals following POCTAA
• Marksmanship

The course also includes a half-day range shoot to practice skills and can be tailored to specific requirements.

Please contact SSAA Victoria State Office for additional information.