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Matthew Boots, National Discipline Chairman
0439 092 686

Field rifle and 3-positional is a rifle discipline that aims to improve hunting marksmanship under rifle range conditions. It teaches competitors the capabilities and limitations of their equipment. Field rifle is a rimfire and centrefire rifle shoot designed around the four most used field shooting positions (rapid fire, standing, standing post rest and sitting/kneeling post rest) over various distances. SSAA 3-positional is a slow-fire event, with prone, standing and kneeling/sitting positions required to be used. Scoped air rifle is broken in to two matches. The 10m scoped air rifle match is shot from the standing unsupported position at 10m. The 3-positional scoped air rifle is shot from the prone, kneeling and standing positions at 10m. Finally, NRA 3 position any sight uses basically any rifle in the .22 longarm calibre and any sight is allowed, as are palm rests and hook buttplates.

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