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Duck Hunters meeting to form sub-club

Duck Hunters meeting to form sub-club

Enthusiastic SSAA Victoria members are hoping to create a new Duck Hunters Club at an inaugural meeting to be held at the Springvale Range Hall on January 24.

Duck hunters are encouraged to attend the meeting where it’s hoped an SSAA sub-club will be formed in time for official endorsement at the SSAA Vic board meeting the following evening.

Organisers said the sub-club would provide duck hunting training and education to members by sharing knowledge on how to hunt different types of wetlands, how to use duck calls and decoys, layout blinds, WIT tests, etc.

It would also provide duck hunting opportunities through club camps for members as well as social events and activities.

The State Hunting Development Manager, David Laird, will chair the meeting to facilitate the process and help work through the administrative details.

“It’s great that these members have recognised the potential for a new sub-club within the association,” he said.

“We’ll be helping them get established and encourage duck hunting members to come along.

“I am particularly supportive of the club providing hunting opportunities to members through organised club hunts. This is an excellent way for less experienced hunters to be mentored by some of our more experienced members.

Mr Laird said that if sufficient interest and support is shown at the meeting the members present can resolve to form the club. The club will then need to adopt a set of rules and elect a committee.

“If and when that occurs, the club can then apply for formal endorsement by the board to become an official sub-club of the Association.”

Click the links below for details regarding the meeting and the Draft Rules of the club.

Draft rules and membership application form

Duck Hunters Club notice of meeting