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Duck Hunting Mapping Issues sorted

Duck Hunting Mapping Issues sorted

SSAA Victoria became aware of the DELWP web-based maps incorrectly showing several State Game Reserves as closed to duck hunting last week. Association representatives followed up the matter with DELWP and the maps should be amended within 24 hours to show the areas are open to hunting.


The areas in question are subject to an EPA warning about PFAS levels. Advice is also provided by the EPA about the consumption of duck meat from animals harvested in those locations. The warnings are available by following the link below. The relevant SGRs are Dowd and the Heart Morass, near Sale; McLeod Morass, near Bairnsdale; and Hospital Swamp, near Geelong.


Members are encouraged to follow EPA advice; however, the areas are open to hunting. The Association’s view is that the primary purpose of the maps is to accurately inform hunters where they can legally hunt in Victoria. Advice and/or warnings are a separate matter and need to be dealt with in another manner.


The Association is encouraged by the engagement by DELWP on the matter and congratulates the Department for its rapid rectification efforts.