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Duck Season announcement imminent

Duck Season announcement imminent

Victorian duck hunters are expected to learn the official starting date, time and bag limit for the 2018 duck season by the end of this week.

SSAA Victoria’s Hunting Development Manager David Laird said he is expecting to see a full season with a 10-bird-per-day bag limit announced by Minister for Agriculture and Regional Development, Jaala Pulford.

“There are no compelling reasons for this not to occur. This position was outlined in the submission the Sporting Shooters of Australia Association Victoria put to government recently,” he said.

South Australia has already announced a full season for 2018, running from February 17 through to June 24. Hunters are able to take 12 ducks per day, up from 10 last year.

“This increase has recognised the good environmental conditions and strong duck numbers in South Australia,” Mr Laird said.

Tasmania has also announced its 2018 season, with a standard 10-bird-per-day limit and a season running from March 10 through to June 11.

Mr Laird also called on the State Government to adequately resource GMA to ensure it can effectively enforce legislation.

“SSAA Victoria reminds its members of the importance of always hunting in a responsible, legal and ethical manner,” he said.

“But legitimate hunters are becoming increasingly frustrated that those individuals who chose to break the law are not being held to account.

“Only through properly resourcing law enforcement agencies can we hope to see this change.”