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Duck season FOI request

Duck season FOI request

SSAA Victoria has lodged Freedom of Information (FOI) paperwork to have the advice provided to government by the GMA in relation to the 2020 duck season made public.

The Association made a joint submission with Field and Game Australia to the GMA regarding the 2020 season. The recommendations made in the submission were not adopted and the Association is seeking to understand on what basis the reduced season and three-bird bag limit was made.

SSAA Victoria’s duck hunting members want to know what advice was provided to the Ministers by GMA, whether that advice was followed and on what basis that advice was formulated.

The Association has significant concerns around the processes used to determine duck season bag limits and lengths each year. Both are regulated, yet are modified by Ministerial direction in most years.

The Association will continue to work towards better processes and better outcomes for duck hunting in Victoria.