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Practical Firearms Training Program: Introduction to Hunting



Following the success of the Practical Firearms Training Program’s Introductory Course, a new course to introduce shooters to hunting is close to launch.

Introduction to Hunting is designed to give new hunters the essential skills in stalking, humane dispatch, meat handling and marksmanship.

The first course is scheduled for Spring 2019 and will be conducted at SSAA Victoria’s Eagle Park Range where practical shooting will be a feature.

Participants will learn marksmanship in different field positions and distances, effective kill zones and when to take the shot. They will be encouraged to bring their own centrefire or rimfire hunting rifles (a future course will focus on shotgun hunting) and will be instructed on how to properly sight them in.

Different species require different setups and it’s important to understand them to be an effective and ethical hunter.

Introduction to Hunting will show participants these setups and how to better understand and get the most from their firearms.

Participants will also learn which calibres to use in different scenarios as well as when and where to hunt.

On completion of the course, the participant will know exactly where to find the right information to ensure they hunt legally and safely.

Participants who do not yet own a firearm will have access to the range’s .22 rifles for use during the full-day course.

There will also be a stalking component where students will learn how to track and approach a game animal.

Dates and pricing will be announced soon and appear on the Training page at when finalised.