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Practical Firearms Training Program

SSAA Victoria has developed a new practical firearms training program to help develop shooting skills for people at all levels, with or without a firearms licence.

Held at either SSAA Victoria’s Springvale or Eagle Park ranges, the Practical Firearms Training Program is designed to instil best practice and essential knowledge for new, intermediate or experienced firearms users.

The program does not replace the compulsory Victorian Firearm Safety Course conducted by the police, which must be completed to get a firearms licence. Instead it is designed to provide actual shooting experience to improve marksmanship, while also offering essential safety information to help newcomers prepare for getting through the compulsory course.

Because the course is held at our ranges under the supervision of training staff and range officers, participants do not require a licence.

For those who have recently obtained a licence, some of the fundamental skills covered include sighting in a rifle (which is essential before hunting), shooting techniques, firearm care and marksmanship.

Topics covered in the BFSC include:

  • Risk control and basic firearms safety practices.
  • Safe storage, transportation and handling.
  • Types of firearms, major parts and actions.
  • Ammunition anatomy including cartidges and shells.
  • Firing techniques and procedures.
  • Firearms maintenance.
  • Sighting-in procedures.
  • Marksmanship.
  • Range shooting practice.

Juniors (aged between 12 and 18) are also welcome to attend as long as they are accompanied by an adult so it’s a great opportunity for parents to help their kids get involved with the shooting sports.

SSAA members receive a discount on the course fee as another membership benefit, and range fees, ammunition and targets are covered in the cost.


Adults: $120 SSAA member, $150 non member

Juniors (accompanied by a participating adult): $80 SSAA member, $100 non member


The six-hour course is run on either weeknights (two consecutive nights) or weekends (one full day) and classes are kept small so more time is given for individual needs.

To book, fill out this application form and email it to or contact the state office on (03) 8892 2777.