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FAQS – COVID – Training – Hunting

FAQS – COVID – Training – Hunting

SSAA is taking a lot of calls at present about different issues, so we thought we’d put together a list of FAQs and answers,

. Are training courses running at the moment? When will they start again?
A: No. Training courses are not currently running. Training courses will not recommence until the easing of restrictions in metropolitan Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.
. Are online courses running?
A: No. There are no online courses running at present because we cannot open the Springvale range to deliver the practical component of the safety course, and trainers are currently not allowed to travel to Eagle Park.
. Can I leave my name or reserve a spot for when courses start again?
A: No. We are not taking names or reserving places.
. Can you call me to tell me when courses are starting?
A: When courses are planned to start, we will post the information to the SSAA Victoria main website, our Facebook pages and make announcements via our E-newsletter.
. Can I hunt in regional Victoria?
A: Yes you can if you live in regional Victoria.
. Can I hunt with mates?
A: Yes you can if you live in regional Victoria. You can hunt in small groups and travel with one other nominated person (outside of your family) in your car.
. Can I travel from Melbourne or a stage 4 suburb to go hunting?
A: Yes, you can. Hunting is classed as an exercise activity as long as it is within 25 km of your home. You cannot travel from a stage 4 area (Melbourne or metropolitan suburbs) to regional Victoria to go hunting.
. Can I camp when I hunt?
A: Yes you can go camping when you hunt if you live in a regional area. Only people living in regional and country Victoria can go camping and caravanning. You can book overnight accommodation with the people you live with, your intimate partner, or the household you have formed a bubble with. Some Parks Victoria sites are still closed or only open to day travel. You will need to check the Parks Victoria website for details. Some roads are still closed because of the impact of bush fires. Check the ‘More to Explore” app for details.
. I submitted a PTA or a firearms licence application and have not heard anything?
A: You nee to contact LRD. SSAA Victoria cannot advise about the status of any PTA or firearms license applications. LRD are processing all applications, but there may be a delay in processing times.
. Can I travel from Melbourne to shoot at Eagle Park?
A: No, you cannot travel from Melbourne or a stage 4 suburb to shoot at Eagle Park.