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Firearm thefts prompts storage reminder

Firearm thefts prompts storage reminder

Firearms owners, particularly in regional areas, are reminded to check their firearms storage to counter theft.

The issue was raised at a Firearms Users Group meeting which included senior Licensing and Regulation Division members and SSAA Victoria’s Hunting Development Manager David Laird.

“We’re told that gun theft is an issue in rural Victoria and while we’re confident SSAA Victoria members do the right thing, it’s a timely reminder to check storage,” he said.

“Rural properties in the east and west of the state have been targeted and it’s a concern for police and legislators.

“We’re calling on them to make penalties for gun theft much harsher as a deterrent. At the moment the victims of theft are often penalised because they have not met storage requirements.

“We don’t want to see any of our members placed in that situation.”

There are clear guidelines for legal storage which can be found here.