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Grant works nearing completion

Grant works nearing completion

SSAA Victoria is now more than half way through its second round of Shooting Sports Facilities Program grant works at Eagle Park and Springvale. By the end of this month, the Association will have spent more than half of the $450,000 committed to the ranges.

The State Government awarded SSAA Victoria a $100,000 grant each for Springvale and Eagle Park, and Sporting Shooters Pistol Club received another $100,000 grant for Springvale through the second round of the program. Each will be buoyed by $50,000 from the Association or club.

Both Eagle Park and Springvale have received some much-needed TLC since the grant works began in October 2016. At Eagle Park, the main range capacity has been increased to 101 thanks to concreting works and new benches; an accessibility ramp has been constructed along the main range; and new clay target throwers have been introduced to the five-stand and main ranges.

The Springvale Range was painted from top to bottom; a new entry and security system was installed; a new ventilation and cooling system was also installed in range one; new signage was developed; and the amenities were upgraded.

There is still work to be done. Next month Eagle Park’s range office will be transformed. The process will take a few weeks but trading will not be interrupted during that period. In October, the buildings around the main range, including the cafe, will also be repainted. Following that, some other minor works will be completed.

Much of the remaining works at Springvale will revolve around range three, which will be fully developed. That project will begin in mid-September.

All Shooting Sports Facilities Program works will be completed by the end of the year.