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Great safari deal for SSAA members

Great safari deal for SSAA members

SSAA Victoria members can now take advantage of an African hunting safari offer priced in Australian dollars and at a good price.

Hunting Development Manager David Laird recently returned from a safari with Philip Hennings from Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris and secured the offer.

“I was genuinely impressed by Philip’s operation and talked to him about the pricing issues for Aussie hunters,” David said.

“As a result, he is prepared to offer SSAA members a special deal in Aussie dollars. Five full days hunting, with a pick-up and drop-off day either side, and three species for AUD$4000.

“The deal includes one gemsbok trophy (oryx), one red hartebeest trophy and either one springbok or one warthog. I wish I’d had that opportunity, as I paid for my hunt in USD.”

The majority of outfitters price everything in USD and that is one of the drawbacks of hunting in Africa.

The fluctuating AUD against the USD can cause uncertainty in what your hunt will end up costing, especially as most hunts are booked well in advance.

“As a matter of disclosure, I get nothing out of this arrangement and neither does SSAA,” David said.

“There are no kickbacks and I paid full price for my hunt. It is simply a case of a good deal for members and the potential for Philip to gain more Australian clients.”

All arrangements are strictly between Philip and the hunter.

A full account of David’s trip will appear in the November issue of Victorian Shooter. It was the realisation of a long-held dream.

“With my 50th birthday approaching I knew it was time to make it happen,” David said.

“The Africa part of the decision was easy, but Africa is a very big continent and the difficult part came in deciding where to go, what to hunt and who to hunt with. So began the research.

“Word of mouth, YouTube videos, magazine articles and internet searches all provided snippets that I tried to put together to ensure I would have the hunting experience that I wanted.

“It was also our 20th wedding anniversary so the trip had to cater for my wife’s needs as well.

“I finally narrowed my destination to Namibia. Politically stable, relatively safe, straightforward to get to and plenty of free-range hunting on offer.

“Choosing a professional hunter is a big decision and one not to be taken lightly. The hunter’s ability, attitude and approach is what will ultimately decide whether your experience is first rate or something you’d rather forget.

“After creating a list of potential hunting operators and after numerous emails and a couple of phone conversations with each of them, I decided to hunt with Philip Hennings.

“It turned out to be a good decision. I ended up taking very good trophies, but more importantly the entire experience was fantastic.

“We hunted in some spectacular country, enjoyed excellent food and accommodation and all the people we dealt with were warm and friendly and did everything they could to make our stay wonderful. My wife, who doesn’t hunt, enjoyed herself as much as I did.”

Members wanting further details about David’s experience with Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris can call him at Victorian State Office (03) 8892 2777.

Philip Hennings can be contacted on +264 61 232 633, email or via the web