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Gun and Ammunition Ban Lifted!

Gun and Ammunition Ban Lifted!

Victoria Police has declared it will remove the suspension of firearm-related transactions effective 11.59pm Tuesday May 12th 2020.

SSAA Victoria welcomes this decision. Throughout this entire process SSAA Victoria has been engaged in lengthy, proactive discussions with Victoria Police and senior ministerial staff.

While strongly disagreeing with the decision to implement the suspension, SSAA Victoria has always maintained that advocacy is the best way to approach this particular issue to guarantee it is removed. This approach was backed by expert legal advice SSAA Victoria received.

Licensed firearms dealers will be able to resume normal sales activities. LRD will begin processing PTAs. If you have any questions about the status of a PTA you have lodged we recommend you contact LRD directly.

More details will be made known as soon as they come to hand. You can contact LRD for any further clarification.