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Hunting and Pest Control Update

Hunting and Pest Control Update

Hunting and Pest Control Update
Hi everyone. This is the latest update regarding Hunting and Pest Control activities in Melbourne, Mitchell Shire and Regional Victoria.
Metropolitan Melbourne:
NO hunting or pest control activities allowed in metropolitan Melbourne. You cannot travel to regional Victoria to perform these activities.
Mitchell Shire:
Hunting and pest control activities are allowed in Mitchell Shire provided you live in Mitchell Shire. You can only travel in a vehicle with one other person. You must maintain social distancing practices. You cannot camp overnight. 
Regional Victoria:
You can hunt and perform pest control activities in regional Victoria. However, we recommend that you limit your travel time to one hour from your home.
If you are performing pest control activities, you need a letter from the landowner with their contact details. You cannot camp overnight on the property or nearby. You must practise social distancing.
Professional Shooters:
Please see the approved lists of essential and non-essential services.