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Hunting & COVID-19 Restrictions – The Facts

Hunting & COVID-19 Restrictions – The Facts

SSAA Victoria congratulates the Victorian Government for taking a more common sense approach to hunting and recreation more generally in the formulation of the latest Covid-19 restrictions.
The Association has advocated strongly on behalf of members during this entire crisis. The amendments to these restrictions recognise the reality that hunting is an inherently low-risk activity for the transmission of COVID-19.
· As a result, all hunters are permitted to leave their homes to participate in recreational hunting or pest control activities under the new restrictions.
· Those living in areas outside the Restricted Areas (Melbourne and Mitchell Shire) can continue their hunting activities as they have been doing since the last restrictions were lifted. They can stay overnight and travel anywhere within the non-restricted areas to hunt. They must not enter the Restricted Areas to hunt.
· Those living in Melbourne (Restricted Areas) may travel within the restricted area to hunt. You cannot leave restricted areas for exercise or recreation. Therefore you cannot leave the Restricted Area to hunt.
· You cannot stay away overnight from your principle place of residence.
· While this may preclude people from hunting in areas they normally would, they still have the opportunity to get out of the house for the day and enjoy a hunt.
· Members should refer to the Directions for specific information.
· Members are encouraged to display common sense and act responsibly when considering going hunting to help get this virus under control.
· Visit the link to view the restrictions map