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The Farmer Assist Program is a fully online platform – found at – that allows farmers and land managers to post job ads when they require help with pest and feral animal control.

Developed to be simple and easy to use, farmers only need to complete a quick and simple process to register and then gain full access to the program’s online ‘jobs board’. It is where a farmer can quickly place a pest control task that explains the details of a specific pest animal problem and how they would like assistance.

Only accredited SSAA members who are approved and registered can access the program to see and respond to any listing. The jobs board and its personal messaging system allow farmers to find, review and select SSAA members to carry out the required pest control work.

SSAA members who want to become volunteer operators will need to undertake a self-guided shooting assessment using an approved Farmer Assist Assessment Target. All members who participate in the program are covered by the Association’s $20 million public liability insurance.

get involved:

  • Visit the Farmer Assist Program website
  • Read the Complete Program Booklet via the website and commit to obey to the program’s safety, animal welfare and ethical hunting requirements.
  • If you are not CPM-accredited, undertake a self-guided shooting competency assessment. Shoot a five-shot group within the assessment zone of the SSAA Farmer Assist Assessment Target at a SSAA range. The target can be downloaded from the Farmer Assist website.
  • Choose your most favoured shooting position for the assessment task. The minimum qualifications are as follows:
    • Rimfire assessment must be conducted at a minimum range of 50m.
    • Centrefire assessment must be conducted at a minimum range of 100m.
  • After shooting the target, the Range Officer on duty must ‘sign-off’ the qualifying target. The Range Officer does not need to supervise the assessment process.
  • Complete your registration on the Farmer Assist website.
  • CPM-accredited members must photocopy their CPM card upon registration.
  • Respond to the system-generated email from SSAA Farmer Assist as directed to verify your account.
  • Apply for jobs through the jobs board and farmers will review your applications and contact you directly.
  • Keep a copy of your signed target in a safe place so you can produce it whenever requested by a SSAA representative or farmer.