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Hunters are encouraged to conduct themselves in a safe and ethical manner to ensure that the future of recreational hunting and the shooting sports in general is protected. A hunter needs to understand and follow the principles of ethical hunting. They should always display an appreciation and adherence to sustainable wildlife management practices and obey all specific game and hunting laws. All SSAA Victoria members are expected to adhere to the SSAA National code of ethics and the hunter code of conduct.

Code of ethics

SSAA insists that its members adhere to the code of ethics. Any breach may result in suspension of membership or even expulsion from the Association.

  • Having first obtained a landholder’s permission to shoot on their property, members should consider themselves to be invited guests, so that they will be welcome in the future.
  • Members must obey the rules of safe firearms handling and diplomatically yet firmly insist others to do the same.
  • Members must obey relevant hunting laws and regulations and diplomatically yet firmly insist others do the same.
  • Members should support game conservation programs and the sustainable utilisation of wildlife.
  • And, most importantly, members must pass on to others, including young people, the proper attitudes towards game management and conservation and the skills of safe firearms ownership, which are the hallmarks of the sporting shooter.

Hunter code of conduct

SSAA members must adhere to the following basic ethical requirements. Any breach of these requirements may result in suspension of membership or expulsion from the Association.

  • Obey the rules of firearms laws and regulations.
  • Undertake to do all in their power to preserve the good image of the sport and the Association.
  • Support game management and wildlife conservation.
  • Encourage new shooters, both young and old, to acquire knowledge and ethical attitudes relating to game management, conservation and safe firearms ownership, all of which are the hallmark of the sporting shooter.