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Illegal Shooting in the Omeo/Swifts Creek area

Illegal Shooting in the Omeo/Swifts Creek area

Illegal shooting activity at Swifts Creek near Omeo was the subject of a public meeting late last month attended by SSAA Victoria Hunting Development Manager, David Laird.

Spotlighting from local roads at night, shooting in close proximity to houses and trespassing were issues raised by concerned residents and landowners at the meeting.

“Illegal shooting adversely affects the image of all hunters and firearms owners in Victoria and SSAA Victoria is very mindful of that fact,” Mr Laird said.

“The Association will work with the local community and do what it can to help address this problem.”

He said members should be reminded that it is both a legal requirement and a requirement under the SSAA Code of Conduct that permission must be granted by a landowner before hunting on private property.

“It is every hunter’s responsibility to ensure they check the land status and know where they are allowed to hunt,” Mr Laird said.

A community group was been formed at the meeting which will gather intelligence on vehicles and people seen acting suspiciously or illegally in the area.

Information will be passed to police and the Game Management Authority. It is expected that enforcement activities will be stepped up in the area over coming months as a zero tolerance approach to illegal hunting and shooting is being promoted.

“As well as expecting members to act legally and ethically themselves, SSAA Victoria also encourages its members to report any illegal activity that they see,” Mr Laird said.