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Improve your skills and fill your bag

Improve your skills and fill your bag

Shotgunning Education Program


SSAA Shooting Range, Eagle Park, 165-315 Gifkins Rd, Little River.


SEP practical workshop for beginners. Saturday February 3 from 9am. Book Here

SEP practical workshop for advanced waterfowl hunters. Sunday February 4 from 9am. Book Here


SSAA Victoria Hunting Development Manager on (03) 8892 2777.

  • Maximum of 15 participants.
  • One instructor per four participants.
  • Individual instruction and advice.
  • An understanding of appropriate choke and load combinations for different hunting situations with your own shotgun.
  • An understanding of your personal shooting capabilities.
  • An understanding of various techniques that you can use to become a better hunter.

Sharpen your duck hunting and shooting skills with the Shotgunning Education Program to be held at SSAA Vic’s Little River Range on February 3 and 4.

The specialised training program is a joint initiative between SSAA Vic, the Game Management Authority and Field and Game and is designed to enhance shooting skills with steel shot loads.

This is a great opportunity to enhance understanding of hunting equipment and the techniques which can be employed to make shooters more effective and efficient game bird hunters prior to the 2018 Duck season opening.

It is also designed to educate shooters on the behaviour of legal duck hunting loads to reduce the chance of wounding rather than lethal shots.

There are two programs, one for advanced shooters looking to fine tune hunting techniques and better understand shot spread, and an introductory course for new hunters.

Hunters bring their shotguns to the practical workshops where everything needed to improve their skills, including shotgun cartridges, clays and targets, is provided.

Numbers are limited to 15 in each full-day course to provide specialised one-on-one instruction with experts from Field and Game, the GMA and SSAA Vic.

You will gain a better understanding of your shotgun’s patterning characteristics with different loads and choke combinations.

“Most hunters would never enter the field without sighting in a rifle at a range,” said SSAA Victoria Hunting Development Manager David Laird.

“Yet it is surprising that many hunters don’t take a similar approach to pattern testing to determine the best choke and load combinations for their shotgun.”

Hunters are required to bring a quantity of their preferred hunting loads for pattern testing.

The total cost of the course is $150, while juniors pay just $100. This covers about $300 worth of consumables plus expert tuition with one instructor per three participants.

Positions are limited so book early to secure a place. For more information or to book, contact the SSAA Victoria Hunting Development Manager on (03) 8892 2777.