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Kangaroo Course

PFTP: Commercial Kangaroo Firearms Proficiency Accreditation

Commercial harvesters in Victoria need to demonstrate the capacity to handle firearms safely, understand the National Code of Practice for the Humane Shooting of Kangaroos and Wallabies for Commercial Purposes and demonstrate shooting competency as designated under the Code.

SSAA Victoria delivers a Commercial Kangaroo Firearms Proficiency Accreditation Course that assesses those requirements. The course is recognised by the Victorian Government for the purpose of issuing kangaroo harvest tags to commercial operators.

Harvesters also need to complete the Game Harvester Skill Set course before they can harvest kangaroos commercially. SSAA Victoria does not offer that course at this stage.

Course details

The course is held at SSAA Victoria’s Eagle Park range, Big Game Rifle Club, Gifkins Road, Little River

Please contact SSAA Victoria State Office to register your interest for an upcoming course.

The course has practical and theory components. The theory component is run from 9am until approximately 1pm and covers firearms safety and the National Code of Practice.

Participants will then have their skills assessed on the range under the supervision of two qualified assessors and a range officer. The practical assessment consists of placing a total 5 shots out of 5 in a 75mm diameter circle at 100 metres. This is referred to as the National Humane Shooting Test Target.

Please bring your own ear and eye protection. Hearing protection is mandatory during the practical component of the course. Participants should wear enclosed footwear.

Participants are required to provide their own firearm and preferred ammunition with a minimum calibre of .204 Ruger.  Please ensure your firearm is sighted-in prior to attending.

Participants must show an original Government-issued photo ID (i.e. Drivers licence, passport, etc) on the day of the course.