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Let’s celebrate Springvale

Let’s celebrate Springvale

SSAA Victoria members have been invited to an official celebration at the Springvale Range on Thursday, August 3. Following the recent purchase of the range, the Association wanted to thank all of those involved in the project, and promote the range to the wider public.

Chief Executive Officer Jack Wegman said the celebration would also be a great opportunity to thank all of the members who supported the Springvale Range over the past 30 years, including the staff and contractors.

“The Springvale Range is a hub for the shooting sports,” he said. “The truth is, we would never have reached this point without the support of everyone who built up the range and kept it going over the years, particularly the regular shooters.”

The long and convoluted purchase process involved three different valuations, seven different government departments, half a dozen senior bureaucrats and as many ministerial advisors.

The Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party (SFFP) also played a vital role in the sale, by ensuring the Land Revocation Bill passed through Victorian Parliament last year. Both Jeff Bourman and Daniel Young supported SSAA Victoria throughout the four-year project, which was much appreciated by the Association.

The State Office has been inundated by celebratory emails and phone calls since the official announcement was made to the membership on Wednesday, June 28. Jack thanked all the members who had reached out to the office with words of encouragement.

Official invitations will be sent to key people over the next week, but an open invitation is being extended to all members.

Speeches and the official celebration will be held in the Springvale Range bistro from 6pm to 7pm, with cocktail catering supplied. The formal celebration will be combined with an open night from 7pm to 9pm, when the public is invited to shoot 50 rounds with a rifle and five rounds with a pistol for just $10.

To register your attendance for catering purposes, please call the State Office on 03 8892 277 or email