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The Victorian Shooter magazine is produced and published by the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (Victoria). The quarterly electronic publication is designed to promote sports shooting as a safe, fun and inclusive sport, while advocating for the interests of firearms users. Articles featured in the magazine promote the safe handling and use of firearms, and ethical hunting.

The magazine provides news articles on political issues affecting firearms users, technical articles on the operation of firearms, hunting-related stories, product reviews, updates on current SSAA operations, sub-club and branch news, and upcoming and past events. Story ideas are welcome, as are photographs of members on hunting trips or at the ranges.

Who reads the Victorian Shooter?

The Victorian Shooter magazine is available to all 40,000 SSAA Victoria members. The electronic copy is emailed to members and available on the website. Member surveys show that the Victorian Shooter magazine is widely read among the membership base and is where the majority of members look for SSAA news.

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November Victorian Shooter November 2021


Edition 1 Victorian Shooter Edition 1 2020
Edition 2 Victorian Shooter Edition 2 2020
Edition 3
Edition 4


December Victorian Shooter December 2019
September Victorian Shooter September 2019
May Victorian Shooter May 2019
February Victorian Shooter February 2019


November Victorian Shooter November 2018
August Victorian Shooter August 2018
May Victorian Shooter May 2018
February Victorian Shooter February 2018


December Victorian Shooter December 2017
October Victorian Shooter October 2017
August Victorian Shooter August 2017
June Victorian Shooter June 2017
April Victorian Shooter April 2017
February Victorian Shooter February 2017


December Vic Shooter Vol 18 No 6
October Vic Shooter Vol 18 No 5
August Vic Shooter Vol 18 No 4
June Vic Shooter Vol 18 No 3
April Vic Shooter Vol 18 No 2
February Vic Shooter Vol 18 No 1


December Vic Shooter Vol 17 No 6
October Vic Shooter Vol 17 No 5
August Vic Shooter Vol 17 No 4
June Vic Shooter Vol 17 No 3
April Vic Shooter Vol 17 No 2
February Vic Shooter Vol 17 No 1

Advertising in the Victorian Shooter

Advertising is available for each magazine and is subject to space availability at the time of booking. The Advertise in the Victorian Shooter page offers information regarding advertising prices, deadlines and artwork requirements. Anyone members wishing to advertise goods in the magazine can do so by contacting the State Office on 03 8892 2777.