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Movement on LRD conditions

Movement on LRD conditions

SSAA Victoria has met with the Superintendent of Victoria Police’s Licensing and Regulation Division to discuss conditions of its approved Handgun Target Shooting and Hunting Organisation status.

Most SSAA Victoria members are aware that the Association is an approved Handgun Target Shooting and Hunting Organisation. The Victoria Police certification means that membership to SSAA Victoria satisfies the “genuine reason” requirement to hold a firearm licence.

A condition of that status requires all Approved Handgun Target Shooting and Hunting Organisations to “provide written advice to the Chief Commission on persons who do not continue to be financial members of the club within 28 days of them becoming unfinancial”.

After a discussion with a Victoria Police officer earlier in the year, SSAA Victoria was making steps to inform members of the upcoming requirement. However, through its meeting with the Superintendent, it became apparent that the condition was an old requirement that had not been enforced previously.

SSAA Victoria has requested that the condition be removed from the Handgun Target Shooting and Hunting Organisation certification, and the Superintendent is considering it. We are confident of a favorable outcome in the coming weeks, at which time we will update members.

Members should be aware that no lists were provided, or will be provided to LRD in the interim. By law, SSAA Victoria members who use the Association as their genuine reason must still “be current (members at the time of application or renewal) and you must maintain your club membership for the duration of your firearm licence”.