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National pest strategy under review

National pest strategy under review

A review is currently under way into the draft Australian Pest Animal Strategy 2017-2027.

The review is being carried out by the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture and Water Resources’ Invasive Plants and Animals Committee.

The national strategy was developed to protect Australia’s economy, environment and social well-being from the impacts of pest animals.

Among other things, the strategy aims to explain the principles of effective pest animal management; encourage leadership and co-ordination from landholders, industry and community groups, keepers of exotic animals and governments; and identify where national effort, leadership and co-ordination has the potential to reduce pest animal risks or impacts.

A public consultation is open until October 14 and the committee is encouraging input from everyone involved in pest animal management, including governments, research groups, industry, community groups and landholders.

SSAA Victoria will be preparing a submission and encourages its branches and sub-clubs to do the same. Anyone wishing to contribute should first read the draft strategy.

The committee would like people to discuss in their submissions what works, what could be done better, how to strengthen community involvement and pest animal management across all land tenures.

According to advice from the committee, the following questions should be discussed in all submissions:

  1. The revised strategy sets out the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders in pest animal management and prevention. Are these clear? Why/why not?
  2. Are the goals and priorities of the strategy focused in the necessary areas? Why/why not?
  3. The strategy is intended to describe how pest animal management fits into Australia’s biosecurity system. Is the link between Australia’s biosecurity system and pest animal management made clear in the strategy? Why/why not?
  4. Other comments

Anyone who would like to provide information for the SSAA Victoria submission is invited to email with the subject line Australian Pest Animal Strategy submission before 5pm on Friday, September 30.

Anyone wishing to lodge their own submission to the committee can do so here.