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New GMA videos aim to educate hunters

New GMA videos aim to educate hunters

Victoria’s Game Management Authority has released the first of a series of new YouTube videos to help educate hunters as a part of the ‘Reduce Wounding’ campaign.

SSAA Victoria’s Daryl Snowdon provided expert advice to the GMA and features in the new video.

Wounding can be an unintended consequence of hunting. It is crucial to reduce wounding to improve animal welfare outcomes, reduce waste, and ensure duck hunting in Victoria remains sustainable and responsible.

Factors that can contribute to wounding include poor shooting skills, shooting beyond your shooting skills distance and the capability of the technology, a lack of knowledge about correct equipment choices, animal anatomy and shot placement, and lack of a retrieval strategy. These apply to hunting all game species.

One of the most important things duck hunters can do to reduce wounding is to not shoot beyond 30 metres.

Research shows that wounding increases with shot distance, and for the vast majority of waterfowl hunters, 30 metres is their maximum shooting skills distance.

Keeping your shots to under 30 metres will make you a more successful hunter and reduce the risk of wounding.

You can view the new GMA Video HERE

For more information about reducing wounding and to download the ‘Be a better game bird hunter’ handbook, visit the GMA Website