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Official Clarification: Hunting in Lockdown Areas is Allowed

Official Clarification: Hunting in Lockdown Areas is Allowed

Thanks to SSAA Victoria, hunting has officially been added to the list of approved activities people can undertake.
I live in Melbourne or Mitchell Shire. Can I undertake recreational activities like fishing?
Yes. If you live in metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire, you can leave home for permitted exercise and recreation activities that are outdoors and can be done by yourself, members of your household, or with one other person.
This includes, fishing, hunting, boating, surfing, recreational diving, learning to drive, or reading in a park. Exercise and recreational activities should be undertaken at the closest available locations to your home.
You must be able to maintain a 1.5 metre distance and no equipment should be shared.
You cannot leave metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire for exercise or recreational activities.