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PETA butt of all jokes … again

PETA butt of all jokes … again

Animal activist group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has been the butt of all jokes this week after calling for Australian rock band the Hunters and Collectors to change its name.

PETA wrote to the band suggesting it change its name of 36 years in an effort to “discourage people from animal hunting”.

The alternative names suggested by PETA were ‘Hunters and Collectors of Antiques’ and ‘Hunters and Collectors of Vinyl Records’.

In its open letter to the band, PETA said, “your name may … make hunting seem appealing to your fans”.

“Nearly 300,000 Australian waterbirds face an agonising death during hunting season, which opens in Victoria and Tasmania next week,” it claimed.

“We feel sure that it was never your intention to promote the killing of intelligent, sensitive and defenseless animals.”

But the campaign was not well-received by the public – even some vegans who happened to be die-hard fans of the band.

Juddy LPK said on Twitter: “PETA asking Hunters and Collectors to change their band name and making all of us vegans look like a total bunch of … idiots. Thanks.”

In an opinion piece responding to the saga, the NT News called PETA “tofu-snorting sobs” and “nitwit nannies of the bubble-wrapped era”. SSAA Victoria tends to agree with NT News.