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Petition to block AJP anti-duck hunting bill now open

Petition to block AJP anti-duck hunting bill now open

SSAA Victoria members are encouraged to sign a petition in support of duck season which is now open on the Victorian Government website.

The petition was sponsored by Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party MP Jeff Bourman and posted after the Animal Justice Party, which supports illegal protest action and farm invasions, proposed a Bill to ban duck hunting.

The Wildlife Amendment (Protection of Birds) Bill 2019 proposed by the AJP ignores the highly regulated and sustainable nature of duck hunting. It also attacks the cultural pursuit of hunting which puts fresh, free-range food on family tables, and brings millions of hunting tourism dollars to regional Victoria.

“If this Bill succeeds, what’s next for Victorian hunters and firearms users?” said SSAA Victoria Hunting Development Manager David Laird.

“Our sport and traditions are being slowly eroded by this nonsensical extremism for the sake of a micro party building a political powerbase.

“Duck hunting is conducted under strict guidelines which ensure public safety and sustainability so there can be no other reason to want it banned.

“There is no scientific evidence that supports the AJP’s arguments, only emotive argument from extremists who are encouraged to flout the law to gain relevance.

“Even if you are not a duck hunter, this issue affects all of us. If the AJP succeeds it opens the door for other anti-gun minorities to attack our sport for political gain.”

The petition is open until August 27.