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Private online sales on the cards

Private online sales on the cards

Firearm owners could soon be able to advertise their firearms for sale privately on the internet.

Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party MP Jeff Bourman this month tabled the Victorian Firearms Act Amendment (Advertising) Bill in Parliament. If passed, it would allow individuals to legally advertise their firearms on the internet, subject to the same conditions as printed media.

Currently, the Victorian Firearms Act allows only licensed firearm dealers to advertise firearms for sale, unless in a commercially published firearm or shooting sports magazine. The amendment would still require that all firearms advertisements contain the same details as required for printed media.

Jeff informed parliament that the Bill would support the principles of the National Firearms Agreement by aligning the Victorian legislation with other jurisdictions.

“What I am trying to do is, ironically, help the National Firearms Agreement by aligning Victoria with the rest of the states,” he said. “What we have got is a case of our state being out of step, and we just need to bring it into line. Anyone who supports the National Firearms Agreement, ironically, should support this.”

The Bill passed the upper house and proceeded to the lower house. However, it was ordered “that the second reading be made order of the day for next day” and it is yet to reappear.