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Proposed Changes to the Firearms Act 1996

Proposed Changes to the Firearms Act 1996

The Firearms and Other Acts Amendment Bill has many elements, including the following that could affect our members.

Amendments to the Firearms Act 1996 proposed to be included:

  • Licensed firearms dealers not to hire or loan firearms for longer than 30 days.
  • Handgun clubs to submit participation reports in a form approved by the Chief Commissioner.
  • Cat A/B firearm storage to be upgraded to match Cat C/D, with new minimum thickness of steel safe/container.
  • A new provision to allow licence holders to hold on to a reclassified firearm on their current licence, subject to Chief Commissioner discretion.
  • Holders of reclassified firearms to be allowed to hold onto the firearm(s) until the licence is renewed or expires.

If you have any concerns about the proposed amendments to the Firearms Act, you can view the amendments yourself here. If you then have any queries or questions, please contact us.