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Public Land Access

Public Land Access

The Bill to remove the prohibition on camping on Crown Land River Frontage will soon be considered by the Upper House of Parliament after passing the Lower House in November 2019.
The Victorian Farmers Federation has mounted a strong campaign with Upper House MP’s to oppose the Bill and maintain their status quo – for licence holders to be able to treat public land as their own exclusive river frontage.
This Bill makes it legal for all members of the public to camp on Crown Land River Frontage and enjoy camping, fishing and other recreational activities for free. These activities will still be appropriately regulated. The concerns expressed by the VFF are based on assumptions and not on established data.
SSAA Victoria considers that public land should be available for the public to use and supports the Bill. The Association expresses that with that right of access comes a corresponding responsibility to treat the areas in question, other users and adjacent landowners with respect.
If members feel strongly about public land access issues you can find out more information on the Bill and how to have your say by following the links below. All members are encouraged to do so.