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Quail season modifications “purely political”

Quail season modifications “purely political”

Victoria’s Game Stubble Quail season has effectively been cut by two thirds with no consultation, no justification and an apparent total disregard by the Victorian Government for evidence based decision making and basic transparency.
The 2023 season will commence on Wednesday 26 April and close on Tuesday 30 May.
It is SSAA Victoria’s understanding that this decision has, once again, come from the Minister for Outdoor Recreation and is, once again, contrary to the expert advice that office has received.
Regardless on what views some Victorians may have on game hunting, anyone with an interest in open, transparent, representative Government should be appalled with how these matters are being handled.
SSAA Victoria’s Hunting Development Manager David Laird summed up the situation well –
“Nobody expects a new Minister and their staff to be across all the detail and intricacy of a portfolio immediately. It takes time to be properly briefed, understand the facts and overcome preconceived ideas – or even prejudices. That is particularly the case with Ministers and their staff who are responsible for hunting.
What is expected, however, is for a Minister and their staff to pay heed to the expert advice provided to them by their departments. If they do not heed the expert advice and then make unilateral decisions the only reasonable conclusion that can be drawn is that such decisions are based on purely political motivation.
When that happens, stakeholders can have no confidence that any Ministerial decisions are going to be based on facts and evidence and trust and relationships break down.
Ministers certainly have the power to make unilateral decisions, but where they do so they can’t then hide behind their departments.
The decisions made on the 2023 Victorian duck and quail seasons are political and nothing else. The Minister will need to own that.”

Details of the quail season on the GMA website