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Questions over refused PTAs

Questions over refused PTAs

It has come to the attention of the SSAA Victoria that Licensing and Regulation Division, Victoria Police have implemented a policy whereby applicants for a Category B firearm – who already own 10 – are being asked to justify their need for the 11th or more.

It seems that in some cases, the additional justification is not being accepted and the application for a permit to acquire (PTA) has been refused.

While the Firearms Act 1996 gives the Chief Commissioner of Police – and by delegation, LRD – wide powers to make policy in relation to issuing licences and PTAs, this new approach seems to be penalising a number of SSAA Victoria members without just cause.

If you have recently applied for a Category B firearm in circumstances where you already own 10, and you have been asked to provide (additional) justification AND THEN been refused a PTA, please feel free to contact SSAA Victoria State Office to discuss with the CEO.