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Repairs get off on wrong foot

Repairs get off on wrong foot

Repairs to Eagle Park’s Main Range 1 have hit a stumbling block with old footings discovered rear of the range under the concrete slab.

The discovery was made by contractors digging holes for the new footings just prior to Easter and now means a redesign of the replacement roof, delaying construction by at least two weeks.

“It’s disappointing to hit an unforeseen snag after all the processes we’ve gone through to get to this stage,” said SSAA Victoria Facilities Manager Shaun Doyle.

“We’ve had delays in getting approvals for altered engineering plans and then getting approvals from the underwriters. Now to find old footings under the concrete is very frustrating.”

The building contractor had its engineer inspect the footings to investigate whether they could be strengthened and reused for the new structure.

However, the quantity of the concrete and unknown depth of each footing meant attempting to reuse them would add considerable time and cost to the project. Additionally, all the holes for the footings for the front posts had already been dug so shifting the structure sideways would mean redoing that work.

“The engineer determined that the old footings were not suitable without significant works,” Mr Doyle said.

“So, the recommendation is to extend the depth of the rear of the range by 500mm to allow new footings to be constructed.

“The change requires the roof to be redesigned to allow for this extra width and the builder is now waiting on new plans from the engineer.

“The project will then need to be requoted to include the cost of extending the concrete slab and the new quote will then need to be approved by the underwriters.

“It is estimated that this process will take two weeks and we’re hopeful construction can recommence immediately afterwards.”

The roof over Main Range 1 was extensively damaged in September last year when a freak gust of wind ripped up dyna bolts securing the structure to concrete footings.