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River Red Gum Parks draft plan released

River Red Gum Parks draft plan released

Parks Victoria has released its River Red Gum Parks Draft Management Plan and invited the public to prepare submissions on it.

The River Red Gum Parks Management Plan is a strategic guide for managing five national parks and more than 100 other parks and reserves. The River Red Gum Parks plan covers 215,000 ha from the South Australian border to Wodonga, and has wide ranging implications for all users.

The plan involves changing state forests and various tenures of public land into parks. It could lead to restrictions on what people could do – like camping, 4WDing and fishing – in certain areas.

Lobbying by stakeholder groups, including SSAA Victoria, when the plan was first floated several years ago, means that hunting will continue in State Game Reserves, bushland reserves, streamside reserves and historic areas and reserves.

However, with the classification of many areas changing under the plan, it may have implications for hunting. At a recent briefing, Parks Victoria committed to providing SSAA Victoria with more detailed maps of the areas in question to enable the Association to identify any potential restrictions to hunting.

SSAA Victoria is preparing a submission focusing on hunting-related matters. Members are invited to contact the Hunting Development Manager, David Laird, to discuss the submission.

All members who camp, fish or boat along the Murray River are also encouraged to read the plan and prepare individual submissions on any issues that affect them.

All material for consideration in the SSAA Victoria submission should be supplied by Friday, September 15. Online submissions must be completed by Saturday, September 30, 2017.